Hello! From GoAnimate's Junior Video Producer

By Shahrzad Ehya posted 04-10-2018 10:08


Hi Everybody!

My name is Shahrzade and I’m GoAnimate’s newest junior video producer. Today actually marks my one-month anniversary working here, and I love it!

Soon after I arrived, I made an “About Me” video to share with my coworkers. It was such a great icebreaker that I thought, “why not introduce myself to GoAnimate’s community too?”!

Here’s my video: 

Since I got some great questions from the team about how I achieved some of the effects in the video, I wanted to share my answers with you as well.

GoAnimate + Adobe Premiere Pro

Although I could tell most of my story with GoAnimate, there were a couple parts that I finessed in Premiere Pro.

Brightness & Contrast

In order to show visually the passage of time I describe in the voiceover audio (the “long, dark day” of the winter solstice), I used the Brightness & Contrast effect in Premiere Pro (Effects → Video Effects → Color Correction → Brightness & Contrast).


If you want to add this effect to your entire clip, double-click on Brightness & Contrast in the Effects panel while you have your clip highlighted in your Timeline in Premiere Pro. To make the effect appear gradually as I did in this video, add keyframes to the Brightness effect. My first keyframe mark is set to 0.0. My second keyframe mark is set to -85.0.

Green Screen


Since I didn’t want to darken the characters and props in the scene, I created them in GoAnimate against a green screen background.

Next, I keyed out the green screen in Premiere Pro, and put that clip in my Timeline on top of the beach background clip. As you can see here, the background clip is the one I added the Brightness & Contrast Effect to.

Tracking Shot


Next, I introduced a tracking shot-like effect in order to show a series of San Diego-inspired beach scenes. What’s great is that you can actually create this effect directly in GoAnimate by “adding motion path” to each character and prop in your scene.


Since I had so many different characters and props I wanted to include though, I opted to create the tracking shot effect in Premiere Pro. To do that in Premiere, I lined up several distinct clips in my Timeline, including the one with the father holding the baby pictured above and this one below (again, with the green keyed out and the clip positioned in the timeline above the beach background), and added keyframes to the clips’ positions (Video Effects → Motion → Position) so that the scenes gradually move to the left and out of the frame. Doing so makes it seem as though a camera is tracking to the right.

And there you have it!


I hope you’re all enjoying GoAnimate as much as I am, and I hope you liked the video!