By Matthew Dyer posted 03-22-2018 12:07


I think any person that has a creative job, ends up hording a bunch of bookmarks on their toolbar. ;)
I know I am certainly guilty of this.
I thought that I would share a few of the bookmarks I have, and help contribute to your horde of bookmarks. *insert evil laugh*



100 Brilliant Color Combinations – This is a great website that shows different color combinations. I like this one in particular because each color combination has a color photo that goes with the combination. It really helps to give you a visual idea of what the colors will look like together on the screen.


ColorHexa – I like colorHexa because it will show you colors that go with your defined color. This is great for when you have a color that is your company brand. This website will show you colors that are complementary, tetradic, and monochromatic, among others. I’ve used it for the tint and shade variations. I linked it to a specific color so you can see the full options the website offers.


8 Principles of Design to Help You Create Awesome Graphics – Good article on elements of graphic design. I refer to it sometimes when looking over my graphics. Plus Adobe has some other good articles under their blog section – This website is used to fill in with dummy text. I’ve used it when I needed to have text on a piece of paper, or on a website to fill in empty space. What the website does is gives you how many paragraphs of random text you need. Then you can copy and paste into where it’s going to be used. For me it’s much better to use text that looks real, but isn’t actual words. This way the user won’t try to read what’s there, but won’t get distracted by seeing something like “jjkkllljkkyturlrjhh”.


95 top Photoshop tutorials – Here is a website I came across recently with some good Photoshop tutorials. Quick and easy to understand tutorials.


edX – Great website that offers Free Online Courses. Most of the courses are very well done, and created by major learning institutions. For a small fee you can get a verified certificate for the course as well. Good for continued education, or for specific topics.

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03-26-2018 17:29

Thanks so much for the post Matt. These are some great resources. I'm terrible with color combos, looking forward to using some of the links related to this.