Timesaving Tips

By Jane Hwang posted 03-16-2018 12:41


Hi GoAnimate Community!

My name is Jane and I am the Marketing and Events Specialist here at GoAnimate.

You might have met me at a few trade shows or even seen me online when I shared a few of my favorite timesaving tips. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here: 

As we all know, GoAnimate provides us many templates to choose from. But, there are times when I create my own scene from scratch and want to save it to use again, which is why the “Save as Starter” is great to use to create my own template!

A GoTeam Subscription follow-up: If you and your team are creating multiple micro-learning courses or like a template someone has created and want to utilize within your videos, the “Save as Starters” has the ability to share with anyone on your team.

Simply find the starter in YOUR LIBRARY > STARTER. When you hover over that specific starter, an “i” icon will appear on the left corner, once you click on that, a pop up will appear and give you the ability to share with all members or a certain few.

This way the scene will be consistent with each other and no extra work is needed.

How about you, GoAnimate Community? Do you have any favorite timesaving tips that you have found useful on the video maker?